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Cellophane FAQ

How much customisation is required for Clarity reports?

In many cases none, if the report is already set up with the correct parameters that will allow it to produce the output that is desired.  All Cellophane does is pull in the parameter information from the database, and passes it to Clarity to generate the report.  The output file is then handled automatically on a per-recipient basis.  To run Clarity forms (CLF) a matching CLS file is required.

How easy is it to set up?

Setup can be done by anyone with a little SQL knowledge – the more the better, but many simple reports can be set up without writing a line of SQL code.  For more complex report profiles MYOB EXO Business partners usually have SQL skills in-house, or alternatively we can provide the required services.  A simple report can be set up by someone who knows what they are doing in a matter of minutes, more complex ones may take an hour or more.

What other neat features does it have?

  • Run programs or execute stored procedures before or after reports are run
  • Pass in a parameter (eg. from an EXO custom button) to generate multiple reports from
  • Ask the user for input before running
  • Adjust data used for generating reports in bulk
  • Schedule one or all profiles to run automatically
  • Intelligent grouping of attachments
  • HTML email editor
  • …and much more.

Is faxing supported?

Yes, faxing is supported via an email-to-fax gateway provider.  Direct faxing via WinFax is not supported.

How much does it cost?

RRP is $1500 for a perpetual licence, however MYOB EXO Business Partners qualify for a reseller discount – please contact us for details.  At this time only MYOB EXO Business Partners will be supplied, please contact your business partner for purchasing information.

Do you have a trial version?

Even better – download the full Cellophane program for FREE and play with it for as long as you like without purchasing a licence!  The unlicenced version has a couple of minor limitations but it will not expire and can be used in production environments free of charge  –  We hope you love it enough to buy a licence!

So, what do I get in the “free” version?

If you do not purchase a licence, Cellophane will only generate up to 5 reports at a time, and each email that is sent (if you’re sending emails) will include a small tagline linking back to this web site.  Purchasing a licence removes the limitation and tagline.